Nacho Vigalondo wants to watch you through Windows


Nacho Vigalondo, the director behind the amazing Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenes) is rumored to make his English-language debut. According to Quiet Earth, Vigalondo’s follow-up to Extraterrestrial (Extraterrestre), Windows, began as a found-footage style film, but has quickly built itself up into a full-blown, traditional film with a moderate $4m budget.

The producers, Apache and Antena 3 Films, have summarized the film as “a tense, fast-paced thriller with drops of humor and horror, about the world of the Web, which has made prisoners of us all.” No other information has been released, meaning casting speculation can begin the moment you finish reading this post. Cast your speculations on the cast in the comments!

[via Quiet Earth]