Naomi Watts joins one-fifth of the Game of Thrones Prequels


We know for sure that there is one Game of Thrones prequel in pilot mode, with four (4!) others in the works (none of which include Dunk and Egg or Robert’s Rebellion for reasons known only to George himself, but that’s neither here nor there). The raven carried news of a lead actor for the upcoming prequel, as Naomi Watts is set to take charge in HBO’s next big endeavor. As is tradition with all things GoT related, her role is as big a secret as Jon Snow’s parents. The only info available is that her character is a “charismatic socialite with a dark secret,” which sounds like anyone who’s ever stepped foot in Westeros or Essos.

Watts has star power in spades, and landing her for the lead is a nice get for the folks at HBO. She received critical acclaim for her role in 2001’s Mulholland Drive and was nominated for Best Actress in 2003 and 2012 for 21 Grams and The Impossible, respectively. She was also featured in the Twin Peaks follow-up on Showtime last year. Now the big question is whether or not her character will make it through the first season in the rough and tumble fantasy world courtesy of Martin. 

Set thousands of years before current GoT events, the prequel will balance on the turn from the Golden Age of Heroes to the Long Night and the creation of those pesky White Walkers Bran peeked at in season six. The stories of yore were passed down and believed as fact, but even in the recent seasons of GoT’s current run, we’ve seen the whisper down the lane effect cloud the truth. The quest for the truth is what drives the do-gooders in the GoT realm, while the ne’er do wells work to obfuscate for their own gain. Understanding the past opens doors to the present, and there’s no doubt Watts’s character will have a butterfly effect within the GoT history books, for better or for worse.

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Nick Hershey