Natalie Portman takes aim at Jane Got A Gun


Natalie Portman is set to produce and star in Jane Got A Gun, a Western telling the story of a young wife whose husband is severely injured by a gang of outlaws, forcing her to call on the help of a former lover in defending her farm when the gang return to finish the job. The movie, written by Brian Duffield, was on the black list of top unproduced screenplays and now has Lynn Ramsey, of Morvern Callar and We Need To Talk About Kevin indie fame, attached to direct.

The story doesn’t sound particularly special as far as Westerns go, but gets a whole lot more interesting if you imagine the Jane from the title is Jane Foster from Thor, also played by Portman, and the former lover recruited to defend the farm is a certain Asgardian god. I mean, Foster was sent away to some far-flung location according to The Avengers, so maybe they used one of those ker-ay-zee tesseract weapon to send her back in time to the old West? I think I’ve just uncovered the plot of Thor 2. Great work, me!

[via Hollywood Reporter]