National Lampoon is back (again!) and needs your screenwriting to not suck (again!)


National Lampoon’s success has been a roller coaster of dizzying highs and cratering lows. Currently (and for the past couple decades), the moniker is at a low point, having been bounced around to different companies who did nothing but churn out Z-list comedies and slap on the National Lampoon name in hopes of tricking somebody into watching. I almost couldn’t find some of the newer Lampoon films on IMDB they were so low budget.

The new owner of National Lampoon’s assets, PalmStar Media, is trying to fix that. The relaunched NL plans on casting a wide net in creating entertainment, “ranging from feature films, tv, and digital content, to live events and podcasts,” including a screenwriting competition in collaboration with film social networking site Stage32.

Individuals or groups will be able to submit a completed comedy screenplay for a chance to win a film option and 18 months in the company’s mentoring program. An element of social satire is required, but the type of comedy and genre is up to you!

While the competition sounds encouraging, this is an uphill battle for the new NL, especially after raking the brand over the coals for almost 20 years. Comedy is a hard game these days, just ask Cracked and Funny or Die. But hey, one great movie could restore the once revered National Lampoon name to the halls of Comedy Glory. At least it probably can’t get much worse.

Will any of you try and make the next Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj?