NBC might be reviving Quantum Leap for its streaming service


According to a report from /Film, NBC is looking to revive hit 90s show Quantum Leap for its upcoming streaming service. Jeff Bader, head of program planning and strategy for NBC, told the publication, “That’s [Quantum Leap] one that I know everyone is discussing,” when asked about what other classic properties were under consideration for revivals.

This may initially seem odd, but the SyFy network had considered rebooting the show back in 2009. Plans fell through, but apparently the spark of hope was kept alive by a number of fans. Originally starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, both actors have gotten up there in age since the series ended in 1993. 27 years later, Bakula is involved with other projects and Stockwell is retired. A revival probably wouldn’t include them as their original characters.

Still, I guess people really want to see what a modern version of this sci-fi series could look like.

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Peter Glagowski
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