NBC’s streaming service to get Saved By The Bell sequel series


NBC Universal has announced that it will be reviving Saved By The Bell for a sequel series to air on its upcoming streaming service (called Peacock). The show will see the return of Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez, reprising their roles from the original run. Talks are currently happening with other cast members, including Mark-Paul Gosselaar, to make a comeback.

The series is said to be set in current day where California Governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many low-income high schools. He proposes that the now schoolless students be sent to the higher-performing schools in the state, which obviously means Bayside High (the setting for the original series). Hijinks will ensue, I’m certain, and we’ll likely be able to see how much of a trash monkey Morris has become. A.C. Slater (Lopez) and Jessie (Berkley) will likely be involved as parents of the new cast members.

The revival will be coming to us from writer Tracey Wigfield. Previously attached to projects like 30 Rock and Great News, Wigfield will be serving as showrunner and executive producer alongside original series creator Peter Engel and Franco Bario. Lopez and Berkley are also attached as producers.

I’m not sure if Saved By The Bell would be the series I’d want to see make a comeback, but I guess 90s nostalgia is at a fever pitch. It’s better to strike while the iron is hot then wait and lose the chance for success.

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