Neat posters for the Star Wars Identities exhibition, eh?


We first told you about the Star Wars Identities exhibition in November 2011. Its opening date of April 19th is fast approaching, and six great-looking, absolutely boffo posters have been released to help promote it. This is a traveling exhibition that will be based first in Montreal come April, then opens in Edmonton on October 27th. (Sorry as usual, Ohio.)

The exhibition will feature almost 200 props, costumes, models, and pieces of conceptual art from the films, including the actual Millennium Falcon model, Darth Vader’s costume, and Anakin’s full-sized Podracer. Overall, the exhibit will focus on what the Star Wars films reveal about our culture and our personalities. (I smell Joseph Campbell, and it’s not just the residual Campbell from last weekend’s re-run of The Power of Myth on PBS Thirteen. On a related note, Bill Moyers is and always has been a national treasure.)

Check out these six fine posters in the gallery, and be sure to visit the official site for Star Wars Identities – The Exhibition as well. If any of you hosers head up north for the show, eat a plate of poutine for me.

[Via Twitch]

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