Need for Speed gets a second trailer

Need For Speed Movie - Full Length Trailer

About two months ago, some very talented editor put together a Need for Speed trailer that actually got me to care about the Need for Speed movie. It didn’t look amazing, but the stunts looked pretty cool, Aaron Paul was in it a lot, and they seemed to actually be trying to do something more than just rip off Fast and Furious.

But now we have a full length trailer that just looks like a Fast and Furious rip off. The stunts still look cool, yes! And they have Aaron Paul, who can do no wrong in my eyes. On the other hand, emphasis is put on “honor” and the zen of driving cars, as if we don’t have enough of that nowadays.

What do you guys think? Could this be the first legitimately good videogame movie? Is this the next big car movie franchise? Probably not on both accounts, but guess we’ll have to see for ourselves when the movie drops on March 14th, 2014.