Need for Speed (the movie) revs up its first trailer

Need for Speed Official Trailer

If there’s one thing the Need for Speed videogames are known for its their complex plots full of complicated characters and though provoking criticisms of modern culture. Oh no, I’ve got that wrong. It’s fast cars speeding away from cops. That does seem to be the general gist of the film judging from this trailer though for some reason they’ve decided to play it out like some sort of art house drama. Drive this is not.

The trailer is actually almost a parody of itself. Lot’s of ridiculous slow motion and people looking far too serious for the movie they’re in. Hasn’t Hollywood learned for the Fast and Furious series that car films like this should really just be about the cars? Not sure why they chose to push Need for the Speed this way, but it sure makes it look awful.

Matthew Razak
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