Neighbors renews its lease


Neighbors had, to me, one of the most memorable, laugh-out-loud trailers in recent memory. Unfortunately, and perhaps personally, the film didn’t deliver quite as many laughs. The general public seems to disagree, however, and it was confirmed today that a sequel is in the works.

Unlike some sequels, Neighbors 2 will feature the main characters (Rogen, Efron, and Byrne) returning to reprise their role. No word on whether Dave Franco will return as Pete. The original film’s director, Nicholas Stoller, will be returning to direct.

The sequel is slated to have Mac (Rogen) and Teddy (Efron) team up to take on a sorority. Filming on Neighbors 2 will begin this summer, with a targeted release date of May 13th, 2016.

[via PunchDrunkCritics]