Neil Burger tapped to adapt Uncharted


Following David O. Russell’s retreat from the project, Sony is now in talks with Limitless director Neil Burger to take over the adaptation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the first entry in one of Sony’s most popular Playstation 3-exclusive franchises. For those that don’t remember, the franchise centers around treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who globe-hops searching for ancient treasures, often with a supernatural bent, as well as fortune and glory. Sound like anyone you know? Burger will also be bringing a fresh script to the project, which will allay fan concerns that Russell’s original script will stray too far from the series. Also in question is Mark Wahlberg’s status on the project, as he was brought on by Russell.

I haven’t seen it, but Limitless doesn’t interest me in the slightest, though Matt liked it well enough. Burger also directed and wrote The Illusionist (the live action one with Ed Norton about stage magic), and I thought that was utter dogsh*t, so I can’t say I’m enthused. Still, this should quiet some of the people who are still screaming that Nathan Fillion isn’t playing Drake and that Russell is a bastard for trying to do something different with the story. The real question is will Mr. Uncharted Eyes himself, Bradley Cooper, take up the mantle?

[Via /Film]