Neil Gaiman’s American Gods to become an HBO series


It seems like Tom Hanks’ production company, Playtone, is keeping busy these days. Following the news of Playtone producing the American Idiot film adaptation, they’re shifting their attention to the literary field. Earlier, I posted the Flixclusive video from Neil Gaiman’s reading in Chicago this past week that had him hinting at various projects in the works.

Deadline has an exclusive of their own, reporting that Gaiman’s MUCH-loved novel, American Gods, will be coming to HBO as a TV series. After months of speculation as to who’d be in control of the film, with Gaiman himself hinting that it’d be helmed by a “director and cinematographer who has won many, many Oscars,” it’s being confirmed that Robert Richardson will be the man with the plan, co-writing the script with Gaiman.

There’s more information below the cut.

[via Deadline]

Richardson has quite the resume, serving as the cinematographer for the beautifully-shot Inglourious Basterds (among other Quentin Tarantino films), as well as winning Oscars for JFK and The Aviator. Knowing that American Gods is in great hands, all that’s left to figure out is the casting.

Are any of you disappointed that American Gods is being developed as a TV show and not a film? With the success that The Walking Dead received this past fall, I can’t help but imagine American Gods to garner much more praise. Regardless of format, I can’t wait to see what can be done with one of my favorite novels.