Neil Purvis and Robert Wade rehired for Bond screenplay


The next Bond film is floundering hard after Danny Boyle turned in a screenplay that the producers disliked so much he quit the production. And when you’re scared and alone with no plan for the future what do you do? You return to something comfortable, which is exactly what the franchise is doing as Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been rehired to write the screenplay for Bond 25.

Purvis and Wade have had a part of some sort in every Bond film since Tomorrow Never Dies. Their quality varies so greatly it’s hard to believe that these aren’t just monickers for different people hired for each film. How can the people who wrote Die Another Day also give us Casino Royale? It doesn’t make sense. 

Anyway, they’re back. The duo had drafted an original treatment for Bond 25 that was ditched once Boyle joined, but now that he’s gone that’s the closest thing to any sort of ideas the producers have. Evidently, their pitch was already accepted prior to Boyle so the studio won’t need to worry about yet another delay to the film, which is no longer going to be released in 2020.

Veteran 007 writers Purvis and Wade rehired to salvage Bond 25 [The Guardian]

Matthew Razak
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