Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 isn’t happening says Ridley Scott


After Prometheus landed and everyone was kind of confused about everything and just wanted another Alien movie it looked like Neill Blomkamp might sail in to the rescue. The director had some ideas that he threw out on the internet, and they actually led to Fox beginning production on an Aliens 5, which would see Sigourney Weaver return to action and Blomkamp helm. We were excited, for sure.

That film is dead, according to Ridley Scott, who never seemed very excited about it in the first place. With Alien: Covenant about to land the director has been talking to the press, and had this to say about the Blomkamp film:

“There was never a screenplay, just an idea that evolved into a pitch of 10 pages…I was always just a producer, but it didn’t go any further because Fox decided that it didn’t want to do it.”

Maybe I’m just reading too much into a little quote, but is there some shade getting thrown all over Aliens 5? Reports were there was a script, and the idea that Fox didn’t want more money churning Aliens movies is a little hard to believe. Sounds more like Scott didn’t want more and Fox sided with him.

Given how Scott treated the franchise in Prometheus, can anyone really blame all of us for wanting someone to take it back to its roots. Of course, now it looks like that someone is Scott himself, which is fine and dandy by me, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like another director to take a crack at it too. Aren’t cinematic universes all the rage now anyway? 

(via CBR)

Matthew Razak
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