Netflix drops The Titan trailer

The Titan | Official Trailer HD (2018) | Netflix

Netflix released a trailer for its upcoming film The Titan, in which Sam Worthington is transformed by SCIENCE into a blueish white alien thing capable of surviving on Titan, as the Earth is apparently dying.

From the trailer, it seems the getting all Titanified might turn him into something violent and uncontrollable, but I’m still not sure if this’ll be real sci-fi or a slasher movie with a sci-fi dressing.

It’s unclear why engineering a person to survive on one of Saturn’s moons makes more sense than engineering them to survive whatever environmental disaster is befalling Earth. We can already live on Earth and all of our stuff is here, soooo seems like less of a stretch than a frigid moon with way less gravity and sunlight. Also, anything engineered to live on Titan would probably immediately die on Earth.

BUT HEY I’m no movie scientist so let’s pump his cells full of gamma radiation or whatever and watch Taylor Schilling cry as her husband’s sanity/bangability rapidly diminishes.

Sam Worthington plays a soldier who ends up with a blue(ish) alien body for environmental reasons yet again when Netflix releases The Titan on March 30th.