Netflix Now: Fish Balls Edition


By now you’ve likely heard about the pacu fish showing up in Scandinavian waters and the threat this species poses to men. Nicknamed “the ball cutter” in Papua New Guinea, the pacu fish has frightening human-like teeth and has been known to bite men’s testicles. The following was reported on NPR yesterday:

Museum expert Henrik Carl explained the potential danger posed by the fish to Sweden’s The Local, saying the pacu’s ‘mouth is not so big, so of course it normally eats nuts, fruit, and small fish, but human testicles are just a natural target. It’s not normal to get your testicles bitten off, of course, but it can happen, especially now in Sweden.’

Yeah, it’s a slow week on Netflix Instant. But hey, at least they added Paradise Alley and Errors of the Human Body. Check out this week’s meager offerings after the cut, and also get freaked out by the horrors of aquatic life.

Epic Fish With Human Faces?

  • An Affair of the Heart
  • Birders: The Central Park Effect
  • Burn Notice: Season 6
  • A Deeper Shade of Blue
  • Después de Lucía
  • Dog Pound
  • Errors of the Human Body
  • Fairy Tail: Season 1
  • Future Weather
  • The Lesser Blessed
  • My Strange Addiction: Season 3
  • Paradise Alley
  • Prophets of Science Fiction
  • Spiderhole

New additions to Netflix Watch Instantly apply only to readers in the United States. For those in other parts of the world, your choices may vary.

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Weekly Netflix Now Awards

Most Likely to Be Watched First

Paradise Alley

Movie I’ve Been Meaning to Watch That I’ll Finally Get to See

Errors of the Human Body

That’s Sort of Like Indigo, Right?

A Deeper Shade of Blue

Any of Brian Blessed’s Relatives

The Lesser Blessed

Best Title That Sounds Like a Porn Parody


Best Title

Errors of the Human Body

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