Netflix’s Earthquake Bird looks like it will mess you up in the head


A good psychological thriller is a rare gem. It’s hard to balance the intrigue with the crazy people and a lot of times it just gets cheesy. Earthquake Bird looks like it’s going to avoid that. Maybe it’s because Alicia Vikander is just so damn good or maybe it’s the slight other-worldliness of 1989 Japan but there’s a definite feeling of perfect tension to this trailer. 

Earthquake Bird | Official Trailer | Netflix | US

The movie follows Lucy Fly (Vikander) as she gets lost in Japan to run away from a painful past. In doing so she becomes friends with Lily Bridges (Riley Keough) and starts dating weirdo photographer Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi). Things clearly take a turn for the worse, as Lily ends up missing and Lucy seems to be falling apart at the seams. It’s definitely visually striking if nothing else. I’m not sure this film is going to become another cult hit for Netflix but it looks like a solid “Yea, I’ll watch it” movie that are the backbone of the service.

Earthquake Bird lands on Netflix on November 15. 

Matthew Razak
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