Netflix tapping Castlevania animation team for Greek mythology-based Gods & Heroes


Netflix keeps pumping out the anime, and now they’ve ordered eight episodes of an original project set in the fertile world of Greek mythology. The series, titled Gods & Heroes, will follow one of Zeus’ illegitimate sons as he realizes his lineage and has to save the earth. It’s pretty usual stuff, but if they make it Hercules for adults then I won’t complain.

The best bit of news is that Netflix has tapped Powerhouse Animation, the same studio behind the Castlevania series. I’m not too fond of the story for Castlevania, but the animation often looks gorgeous, and the promotional poster Netflix released for Gods & Heroes is super badass with lightning and glowing red eyes and shit. In fact, it looks a lot like a Castlevania game cover. I’m pumped to see what this will have to offer.

Gods & Heroes has no set release date just yet.

Netflix Orders Greek Mythology Anime Series [THR]

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