Never-before-released 1989 holiday slasher Dial Code Santa Claus is Home Alone if the kid was John Wick



There’s some psychotic French time traveling filmmaker who just made my Christmas dreams a reality.

Everyone’s talked to death about how much cooler Home Alone would have been if Kevin just went and straight up killed the burglars with  an array of deadly weapons and traps, but we all figured seeing some hyper-intelligent child murder an intruder on Christmas day would be too much to wish for, too much to dream of. Little did we know that it had already happened.

In 1989, one solid year before Home Alone, a French Christmas shocker known as Dial Code Santa Claus (I’m sure it sounds better in French) shocked critics and audiences alike with its portal of a small boy using traps and devices to murder a Santa-clad burglar who broke into his home and killed his dog. The movie evidently released worldwide, but never reached America.

Thankfully, that’s all about to change as AGFA and the Alamo Drafthouse are releasing this gem in a restored format to theaters nationwide and to blu ray sometime after.

Much like with AGFA’s release of Ninja Zombie, I’m filled with glee and wonder to be able to see this in a new, restored format. One of my favorite parts of being a film fan is checking out these low budget oddities lost to time.

If you want to learn more about Dial Code Santa Claus, you can check out the website, here.

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