New Alamo Drafthouse “Don’t Talk” PSA is the best yet

Don't Talk PSA | Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke | Alamo Drafthouse

I love Alamo Drafthouse “Don’t Talk” PSAs. They’re funny, snarky, and they have a fantastic message: shut up when you’re watching a goddamn movie. The newest PSA is the best, and the reason it’s the best is because it stars Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. I don’t remember this exact monologue, but I’m pretty sure it’s from Before Midnight, which continues to be the best movie of 2013. 

The real reason I love this so much is because it is literally the only time you will ever see Ethan Hawke or Julie Delpy break character. They have owned those roles so incredibly well that you would never realize they aren’t Jesse and Celeste… until this clip.

Also, Julie Delpy takes a potshot at Ethan Hawke’s acting abilities. Which is hilarious. Now if only that stupid Drafthouse on NYC’s Upper West Side would open…