New Alien Covenant Trailer Indistinguishable from Old Alien Trailers


The latest trailer for the latest Alien feature, the third to be directed by Ridley Scott, shows us more of what is to come in the second Alien prequel (this will be the sixth film in the series, and the eight to feature the titular aliens).

And unfortunately, the more is more of the same. With the tagline, “The path to paradise begins in Hell,” after six films that all seem rather hellish for their inhabitants, we have to wonder just when we’ll reach paradise. No time soon apparently.

Michael Fassbender is back. The last alien world that’s eerily like our own is back. And all the cute and cuddly little varieties of aliens that we’ve come to love are back as well. And, well, shit happens, as it usually does in one of these films. Expect only one or two humans to survive. Possibly half an android. And for good measure, maybe a cat.

This trailer actually sets up the plot as some sort of couples retreat to a new world, with these brave beings sent to colonize a suitable planet. Some one should have told them to bring less KY His & Hers and a hell of a lot more machine guns, grenade launchers, and flame throwers. And definitely more than one battalion of Colonial Marines.

While Director Ridley Scott promised that a sequel to 2012’s Prometheus should answer more questions about the origin of these creatures, the new trailer fails to hint at much we haven’t seen before. The filmmaking looks sharp, but 1979’s original Alien still holds up to modern filmmaking and looks sharp. We need more.

Are you more or less excited to see the latest foray into aliens eat human after seeing the trailer? Let us know, below.

Alien: Covenant | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX




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