New Amazing Spider-Man poster is the bee’s knees


Say what you will about the look of The Lizard or that basketball-textured costume, this poster for The Amazing Spider-Man looks great.

Look at it in the gallery. Just look right now and come back.

Man. I mean, dude, right? It’s inspired and so simple. Love the logo as the shadow and the way the legs extend, and how Peter’s perched up in the corner. Splendid, splendid stuff. Amazing, spectacular, sensational — web of, even.

I suppose the only thing wrong with it is the tagline: “The Untold Story.” Makes me think less of Spidey and more of the disturbing Hong Kong thriller starring Anthony Wong. Still, this image itself is a thing of beauty. It’s something for the movie to aspire to.

[Via Superhero Hype]

Hubert Vigilla
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