New Arrested Development season serves as film precursor


As attractive, young adults, the Flixist staff is made up of huge Arrested Development fans. While we’ve previously reported on the happenings of the upcoming season, further news has come out directly from the mouth of god himself, Mitch Hurtwitz. In an interview with Vulture, Hurwitz went into detail about his plans for the fourth season of the acclaimed show:

The episodes are an outgrowth of the design of what we hope will be the movie. They precede it. They function as an act one of a movie that we all want to do, but haven’t “sold” yet.

As rumored before, the entire season will lead into the film. However, nothing’s exactly confirmed as the episodes will serve as a test run to see exactly how to incorporate the show’s style and various plot points into a fully-realized film. I’m blue and ready. Spring 2013 can’t come soon enough.

[The Film Stage via Vulture]