New Ash Vs. Evil Dead poster promises cars, guts, and chainsaws


When people think of the top tier of paid channels, there’s really just HBO with a little bit of Showtime on the side. (And now Netflix and etc.) But Starz seems to be making a real effort to show something new and awesome with Ash vs. Evil Dead. It had never even occurred to me that I might want to get a subscription to Starz, but every new bit of anything related to this show just makes me want it more and more (and more). I’m not as big a fan of the The Evil Dead series as some of the people on this staff, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. I am. I love all of the films (including the remake/reboot/whatever), and I’m extremely excited to see how this whole TV thing pans out.

The latest bit is a poster/key art of a blood-soaked Ash standing with his blood-soaked chainsaw on a blood-soaked car, flanked by other blood-soaked people. Beneath the car is a zombie, which seems to be the least bloody thing of all. It’s the kind of thing I’d want to hang on my wall and lovingly gaze upon as I drift off into nightmareland.

Point is, this show is going to be awesome. Check the gallery for the full-sized poster. And check Starz this Halloween for the first episode. It’s gonna be hype.