New Avengers pics show them doing underwhelming things


That Super Bowl trailer for The Avengers whetted my appetite for the movie, but it seems like all the stills and posters released have been underwhelming. Case in point: these two new Avengers pics that showed up online yesterday. In one you have Agent Coulson and Thor looking up stuff on the internet; in the other, you have Hawkeye, Captain America, and Black Widow walking.

I know they’re trying to save all the good stuff for the actual movie, but maybe the next images can be something more engaging. Like, I don’t know, Iron Man and Nick Fury assembling IKEA furniture, Bruce Banner mending his Hulk-torn pants, or Loki ordering Chinese take-out.

At this rate, we’ll probably see a still of The Avengers talking to a doorman a la yesterday’s oddly uneventful Amazing Spider-Man clip. (Witness the untold story of Peter Parker’s minor irritation and mild inconvenience! A tantalizing tale from the Marvel age of movies!) Take a gander at the images in the gallery.

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Hubert Vigilla
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