New Avengers posters look average and avengery


While we’re all eagerly awaiting The Avengers to drop on May 12, 2012, some new character posters have been released for the film. Well, “new” is sort of a misleading word, I suppose. Most of these poses have been seen on other Avengers posters that have been released since the trailer for the film debuted. You get more full-frontal Robert Downey, Jr., less of Scarlett Johansson’s tuchus, and the letter “A” isn’t as dominant.

Hopefully the final poster for the movie will be something inspired — not a day-long job on Photoshop but a painted work of art a la Drew Struzan or Bob Peak. (I mean, heck, Paolo Rivera’s retro Captain America poster was way cooler than the generic poster they went with.) In the meantime, we have the new character posters in the gallery. I’ve included Rivera’s Cap poster for kicks as well.

[Via The Playlist]

Hubert Vigilla
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