New Carrie reboot photos spoil the ending


Granted Stephen King’s story is so well known by now that everyone knows the ending, but these images kind of take out the emotional punch that Carrie needs. The final scenes are supposed to be so shockingly vibrant that Carrie’s emotional turmoil is felt by the audience. Now it’s been spoiled. 

These exclusive Entertainment Weekly photos, reveal Carrie after prom and Julianne Moore as her crazy knife wielding mother towards the end of the film. It’s kind of lame that they look exactly like their original counterparts, and it’s even lamer that these are the first photos we’re getting rather than something that doesn’t exactly give away the ending. 

I’m hoping the reboot has enough of the good stuff to keep it great since everyone knows how it’s supposed to end anyway. If the reboot can come close to the the extremely weird ending of the original, then it has a chance. Who knows? I might not even remember looking at these pictures anyway. You can check them out further in the gallery. 

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