New Cars 2 Trailer


The newest trailer for Cars 2 is up on Apple. I’m really not a fan of the franchise, but this is a milestone: not only did this new trailer get a laugh out of me, but it was at one of Mater’s jokes. I despise Mater. I can barely stand seeing him on screen, so actually laughing at his antics is not something I thought I’d be doing. The new trailer also shows the British secret agent car making Mater feel bad about himself, so I might enjoy this movie solely based on his misery…until it inevitably gets to the point where Mater gains a massive amount of self esteem because he manages to save Lightning McQueen with his “special” way of thinking. Then it’ll just be back to the disappointment.

I know there are a lot of different opinions on Cars and Cars 2 on Flixist, with many preferring to pretend that it’s a pretty good Dreamworks movie instead of something in the Pixar family. Does this trailer get anyone else excited for Mater’s humiliation, or is it just me?