New Catching Fire pics have Phillip Seymour Hoffman


Nicely continuing on from their last batch of (slightly boring) Katniss and Finnick photos yesterday, Entertainment Weekly has uploaded a couple of photos of a few other key characters. Notably showing off one of the new guys, Plutarch (the new Games director) played by Philiip Seymour Hoffman. The photos are still a little boring, but they do give away a key detail: everyone is dressed nicer. Look at the fancy colors compared to the drab greys and blacks of the first film. 

Interestingly enough, Jennifer Lawrence let a few details slip about what characters aren’t showing up in Catching Fire: Bonnie, Twill, and Darius. While those names don’t mean anything to most, the three characters each surround key moments in the book which set up future “plot” points in the third book, Mockingjay (spoiler/they reveal the rebellious District 13 and inform Katniss of her “spark” of rebellion /end spoilers). With those three down, Catching Fire‘s story seems like it’s going to flop around and won’t get serious until Mockingjay. Oh well, I guess we’ll see.

[via EW]