New character posters for The Lone Ranger


Today Walt Disney Pictures has released new character posters for their upcoming film, The Lone Ranger. The posters feature Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as Tonto. We get to see a very up close and personal look at each character’s face. I always wanted to count each individual facial hair on the face of an actor!

Joking aside, these posters don’t really show us anything new or exciting. We’ve already seen the trailers for The Lone Ranger so we already know what each character looks like. Also, there just isn’t anything special about either of them, except I can know tell that Depp really has too much make-up on. It seems that Disney should have released these posters before the trailers to build up better hype.

Expect The Lone Ranger to release in theaters on July 3rd, unless any other delays suddenly crop up. Check out the gallery below for both of the posters.

[via ComingSoon]