New clip from Honeymoon is intriguing (and not spoiler-y)

Honeymoon - Exclusive Clip

Although I never reviewed it, Honeymoon was the best film I saw at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. It’s a cabin in the woods sort of film with some nice creep factor and incredible chemistry between the two main characters. I greatly enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it. Conveniently, it’s getting a release (theatrically and on VOD) on September 12th. The above clip drops you right into the thick of things, and I’m curious how it plays to those who haven’t seen the film. I also wonder what expectations it leaves. (If you want to tell me below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.) But what matters most is that it hints at a lot of the bigger things that happen in the film without actually spoiling anything.

You can see that clip and still go into Honeymoon unspoiled. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the trailer that’s playing exclusively over at Apple Trailers. I’m not linking to that, because its first two shots come from the last five minutes of the film. That’s bullshit. So do watch it.

But do see Honeymoon come September. It’s awesome.