New clip from The Place Beyond The Pines

The Place Beyond The Pines | How To Rob A Bank | Starring Ryan Gosling

If the earlier trailer is anything to go by, The Place Beyond The Pines is definitely going to be a moody, emotional drama centered around a man who sets out to rob a bank to take care of his newly born son. It looks as if it may have the makings of something substantial, something deep. It has a great, multifaceted cast, and a focused theme. Could be riveting stuff.

This clip really doesn’t have anything to do with any of that, though. What we have here is Ryan Gosling and Ben Mendelsohn discussing the nuances of their planned bank robbery. What’s nice about the clip is that it throws a little bit of humor in there, promising a movie that isn’t going to be 100% depressing/serious, which is always nice for the easily distressed. Who doesn’t like a good ole’ Hall & Oates reference every now and again?

[via The Playlist]