New clips and posters for Lawless show off cast


With Lawless, the film formally known as The Wettest Country on Earth, recently screening at Cannes (an event we didn’t attend, but one day…) and receiving decent buzz it’s time for the PR machine to start putting it out there so the general public can get a bit more excited for the reportedly brutal film. We’ve got two new clips here and a poster that ought to wet your whistle for both Tom Hardy being intense and prohibition era drama.

I can’t say I’m overly excited for this film even though I am a fan of John Hillcoat, but the mixed reviews have me a little worried that this one isn’t going to live up to usually tense fair. Of course films at Cannes are often unfairly judged since they’re being screened at Cannes and thus held up to a higher standard. I figure as long as Hillcoat’s signature straightforward style is present there is a good chance I’ll dig this.

Check out the star-filled cast in the cliche, but cool looking posters below.

Matthew Razak
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