New Cloud Atlas images and first reactions


Here we have a few new stills from the Wachowski’s/Tim Tykwer’s upcoming sci-fi epic Cloud Atlas. There’s not much to say about them other than they seem to each be from one of the several stories the film will be telling simultaneously. What they do depict, however, is that Keith David is at least playing some part in the film, so yeah, automatically most awesome movie of the year. Actually, according to some initial reactions from the first test screenings, it really may turn out to be that good. Here’s a little taste of optimism from one of the members of the test audience: “I have to say that this film totally blew me away! Leave it to the very creative and innovative Wachowski’s and Tom Tykwer to make this complex book into a GREAT film…”

Of course for every absurdly positive reaction, there is an appropriately realistic one, with one viewer stating”The movie was over 3 hours and it did tend to drag a little. There were 5 different stories going at once so it was a little confusing for the first hour.” If that wasn’t negative enough for you, another viewer went on to call the film “one hot convoluted mess”. That actually sounds kind of sexy.

Honestly, it seems that a fair amount of the audience’s reaction has been positive, or at least understanding of what the film is trying to attempt. Movies of this scale don’t come along very often, and if successful, maybe we could look forward to more three hour long sci-fi films that aren’t full of blue cat people or unanswered questions.

[Indie Wire via JoBlo]