New Cloud Atlas videos try to explain what it is


These two new behind the scenes videos for Cloud Atlas reveal how demanding the story will be for each of the actors. Each one has to play several different characters in erratic environments (so much so, that several of them joked they didn’t know who was playing who) and still need to anchor down the overarching story. And from the looks of these videos and the trailer, Cloud Atlas is going to be really dense. If the film can find a way to seamlessly (and painlessly) weave all of the narratives together, then we’re in for a good time. 

FYI, the above video is a little more informative than the one below. The video below is a hodgepodge of various behind the scenes moments that were quickly edited together. They’re both quite long (clocking in at thirteen and sixteen minutes respectively), but are entertaining visually. 

[via io9]