New Contagion poster has more Gwyneth Paltrow death face


I know that it’s cool to pick on Gwyneth Paltrow, what with the Oscar snafu, naming children after fruits, and her inexcusable persistence of having a singing career just because she’s married to a guy from Coldplay, but I can’t help but find glee in the fact that she dies within the first act of Steven Soderbergh’s newest film Contagion. You see that image above? That’s my happy place.

Other than Gwynie’s ridiculous death face, the poster highlights more of the ensemble cast answering phones, looking pensive or trying to stop the outbreak by putting their arm in front of them and yelling “STOP IT GERMS!”. I’m sure that will work, Damon.

You can check the new poster after the jump. Contagion is set to infect theaters (hurr hurr hurr) October 21st.

[Via Yahoo! Movies]