New Digimon Movie getting US release


If you’re one of those kids that watched Digimon on Fox Kids every Saturday morning like me, this next bit of news should excite you. In celebration of the series’ 15th anniversary, Toei Animation released their new project, Digimon Adventure Tri in Japan. Taking place during the original digi-destined’s high school years, a new Digimon enemy opens the gates between the digital and real worlds once again.

With a trilogy of films (which can be broken up into four episodes each) planned, the US is getting a theatrical release of the very first one, Digimon Adventure Tri. – Chapter 1: Reunion. Since it’s getting an English dub, I hope they go through the effort of getting as much of the original voice cast as possible. Not only will it be cool to see the Digimon gang again, but I’d love for all of them to sound like they did back then. 

Digimon Adventure Tri. – Chapter 1: Reunion first releases September 15th as part of a single night Fathom Event and will roll out to other theaters shortly after.