New Django Film Announced


According to a press release from Point Blank Pictures, Franco Nero will reprise his famous role as the gunslinger Django in Django Lives: the canonical third installment in the Django trilogy.

(Man, Django is a weird-looking word)

Although 41 Western films starring a character named Django have been made since the original film’s release, only Django Strikes Again, released in 1987, is an “official” Django movie. Nero did make an appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s excellent Django Unchained, but it certainly wasn’t an official Django movie. Now, over 25 years later, we’re getting a follow-up.

The story takes place in 1915, and follows the aging Django as he fights gangsters in Hollywood of all places. He’s working as a consultant on silent Westerns, when he gets “entangled with racketeers.” I don’t even care how many historical liberties you have to take, I want to see Django fighting pinstriped goons with tommy guns. C’mon, Point Blank. Don’t let me down.

[Via: Badass Digest]