New Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness Teaser Sends The Internet Into A Frenzy


Marvel just released a new 30 -second tv spot for Multiverse of Madness ahead of ticket sales opening this Wednesday. It may be short, but it shows more interesting clips and dialogue. It also gives a possible look at another villain that may be introduced into the MCU.

We have already seen the orchard scene with Wanda and Doctor Strange play out in previous trailers and tv spots a few times already, but this time more dialogue is revealed. Strange tells Wanda that they need an “Avenger,” and Wanda tells him there are others out there. We know Wanda’s reputation at the moment isn’t exactly stellar, following WandaVision and Westview.

Strange even hints at that by saying it can “get her back on the lunchbox.” If she agrees to help him fix the problems, her reputation could be saved. Besides that new dialogue, we also see Wanda in her new Scarlet Witch outfit fighting alongside Wong against two demon-like creatures.

Doctor Strange 2 Monsters

Via: Marvel

The appearance of this new enemy spawned theories that this, in fact, the author of the Darkhold himself, Chthon. The creature shares similar features to how the Elder God is portrayed in the comics. On the other hand, it’s weird that there are two of them and the fact that Marvel would so easily reveal a new big bad in a short tv spot and not save it for the film.

Doctor Strange New Look

Via: Marvel

Besides that exciting shot, we got a new toy leak for the film and hints at a variant of Wong. According to the popular YouTube channel Cosmic Culture, it could be Defender Wong we see fighting alongside Wanda. This won’t be confirmed until the film’s release, but the fact that the character is getting their keychain suggests otherwise. We also saw a figure released for D’spraye, who may also be appearing.

He could be the big bad influencing Wanda and wreaking havoc on the Multiverse instead of Chthon. Marvel likes to keep their big reveals as much of a secret as possible. We will have to keep speculating and dissecting whatever tidbits we can until May 6. Tickets for Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness go on sale this Wednesday, April 6.

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