New documentary gives credence to “Skate or Die” phrase


We’ve publicized a few Kickstarters before, but nothing like this has hit so close to home. As regular readers know, Liz and I are from Chicago and love our city very much. However, as beautiful and awesome as our home may be, there is a very real and serious threat of gang violence, especially in the South and West Sides of the city. It’s hard for kids growing up in some of these neighborhoods to escape gangs and drug dealers, so when they’re able to find something to keep them out of trouble, they hold on to that very tightly.

During one of my recent Kickstarter searches, I stumbled upon a project for a documentary aptly titled Skate or Die. As a casual skater during my high school days, my interest was piqued, but after watching the trailer, I was hooked. The documentary details the life of Leo Castillo, a Chicagoan from the South Side neighborhood of Little Village. Using skating as an escape from the gangs that pollute and threaten Little Village, a stray bullet that hit his leg could potentially keep from doing the very thing that has kept him safe.

Sounds like the premise for an amazing documentary, right? By the time this article is posted, the Kickstarter for Skate or Die will only have 60 hours to go for funding and is a few thousand short of its goal. If you can donate a few dollars into the project, that would be great; however, if you can’t spare the cash, the best way to help would be to help share the Kickstarter across the internet. Whatever your preferred poison is, from Twitter to Facebook to Google +, helping spread awareness of this project would be great.

[via Kickstarter]