New Dredd motion poster is cool, but lacks Olivia Thirlby


This Dredd reboot/remake looks like it’ll be a fun, action-packed film for the fall, but there’s been a noticeable lack of Olivia Thirlby in most of the marketing stuff I’ve seen. Long-time Flixist fans, my friends, and anybody with ears/eyes know all about my crush on the ultra-talented/smart/funny/beautiful young woman, so of course I’d bring this up. It’s okay, guys. I’m a professional. It makes sense to build the marketing campaign around Karl Urban, given he’s playing the titular character, but wouldn’t it be cool if this motion poster (which you can see below the jump) had Olivia Thirlby doing awesome, Judge Dredd stuff?

I guess we’ll have to rely on the recently-released trailer and wait until September before we see Olivia Thirlby doing awesome, Judge Dredd stuff.

[via Collider]