New DuckTales opening is surprising in a few ways


I don’t know if I’m going to be heavily invested in the new DuckTales cartoon like I was the original. That’s mostly because I’m not a kid anymore, and I sadly don’t have Saturday mornings to plop down and watch all the cartoons I want. However, the first look at the new show’s opening sequence is surprisingly intriguing.

I hadn’t been paying too much attention to it so this is the first time I’m realizing how heavily influenced the show is by the original comics. Scrooge is wearing red, Donald is in black, and the art style is all sorts of old school comic. Hell, they even do some comic book panel stuff in the opening. It’s actually super interesting.

Of course there are nods to the cartoon as well. The most obvious being the fact that the show opens to the classic Duck Tales theme. They’ve barely done anything with it here, and that’s for the best. A weird re-imagining would just lose the fun. There’s other hints too, of course. Scrooge takes a nice long money swim, and even some of the monsters are repeats from the opening. 

If we’re going to judge a show by its opening, I give this 10 McDucks out of 10. Now, lets see some Darkwing Duck

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Matthew Razak
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