New ‘Earth to Echo’ trailer features more found-footage aliens

EARTH TO ECHO (2014) Official HD Trailer Premiere

In a trailer that channels Super-8, ET, and a little bit of Explorers, Earth to Echo seems like any other kid-friendly romp through extraterrestrial discovery. Throw in a healthy dose of “found-footage” style filmmaking and you’ve got a recipe for…mediocrity?

This Earth to Echo trailer is definitely ripe with cheese, and its message of kids-save-endangered-alien-from-evil-government has been done to death, but I am always a fan of kids playing kids who act like kids, and these tykes deliver their lines well – even if those lines are, “I think this is scary as balls!” 

All and all, Earth to Echo looks like cute, family-friendly fun, even if it isn’t anything too original.

Earth to Echo opens July 2nd.

[Source: Collider]