New ‘Earth to Echo’ trailer features more found-footage aliens

EARTH TO ECHO (2014) Official HD Trailer Premiere

In a trailer that channels Super-8, ET, and a little bit of Explorers, Earth to Echo seems like any other kid-friendly romp through extraterrestrial discovery. Throw in a healthy dose of “found-footage” style filmmaking and you’ve got a recipe for…mediocrity?

This Earth to Echo trailer is definitely ripe with cheese, and its message of kids-save-endangered-alien-from-evil-government has been done to death, but I am always a fan of kids playing kids who act like kids, and these tykes deliver their lines well– even if those lines are, “I think this is scary as balls!” 

All and all, Earth to Echo looks like cute, family-friendly fun, even if it isn’t anything too original.

Earth to Echo opens July 2nd.

[Source: Collider]