New Elysium images show Matt Damon getting tattoos


If the trailer or last batch of images weren’t enough to satisfy your Elysium cravings (in that context it sounds like a vitamin octogenarians need to take for strong bones, “Did you take your Elysium today?”), here’s a new batch of eight images which show off all of Matt Damon’s fine thug life tattoos, Sharlto Copley primed in his finest rent-a-Robocop contraption, and yet another image of an angry Jodie Foster.

You can browse the images in the gallery, but the bigger story here is the film’s awesomely named website: It’s Better Up There. On their site, you get a better feeling of Elysium‘s class overtones and it properly explains who Jodie Foster’s character is. So you should check that out too when you get the chance.

[It’s Better Up There, via Collider]