New episodes of The Mandalorian arrive October 30th


It was in a short and sweet Tweet that the official Star Wars Twitter revealed that new episodes of The Mandalorian, the smash-hit Disney+ series, would be returning with new episodes this October.

Details of the episodes remain to be seen, though we know directors like Robert Rodriguez were onboard for their production, and that a third season of the bounty-huntin’, baby-rearin’ space adventure was already in early stages of planning.

As for season two’s direction, we know that that most famous Mandalorian–Boba Fett himself–will likely be appearing in some capacity, as per the casting of Temuera Morrison. Whether Fett and The Mandalorian’s… Mandalorian will square off or team up remains to be suggested.

The Mandalorian has carried the brunt of the Disney+ hype, with additional Star Wars series in development for the streaming service, though are largely shrouded in mystery still. I’m just eternally praying the Obi-Wan series finds its way.

No doubt more details on the new Mandalorian season will spill before the October launch, but for now we can all get by on a little speculation and a lot of love for Baby Yoda.

Just in time to get the kids craving some beskar steel for their Halloween costumes, new episodes of The Mandalorian arrive October 30th, 2020.

Source: Twitter