New Evil Dead poster is brazenly arrogant


Well, damn. Even after hearing Bruce Campbell rave about how scary it was, and being sufficiently creeped out by the trailer at NYCC I didn’t think the marketing campaign behind Evil Dead would be this awesomely full of it itself. This is a poster that when asked if all horror movies from the future are loud-mouth braggarts stands atop a castle wall and says, “Nope. Just me, baby. Just me.”

This poster also alludes to the original’s tagline of being “The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror,” but that was back when slasher films were still young. In this day and age of horror films landing every other week being the most terrifying film a viewer will ever experience is pretty bold statement to plaster across your poster in large letters. I must say that the confidence exuded by everyone involved in the film is building my expectations up quite high so they better deliver. 

[via Yahoo]

Matthew Razak
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