New Expendables 2 images look expendable


Aside from being a bit more, say, “modern warfare” than one might imagine, these screenshots from upcoming sequel The Expendables 2 promise precisely what they must: action heroes of yesteryear and present day’s best attempts at their successors ruggedly pointing weapons at one another. There’s also Yu Nan, whose character’s strength seems to be her access to a prototype 3DS XL.

Also pictured is Jean-Claude Van Damme, playing the film’s antagonist. You’ll not that he’s armed with only a knife, while all the Expendables carry uzis, rocket launchers, and tank-mounted machine guns. Expect a dramatic twist as it turns out that Van Damme’s character is actually a sympathetic underdog, unfairly put upon by a group of mercenaries who have him out-armed and out-numbered.

Sylvester Stallone, toting his goatee which aggressively dares the viewer to question it, leads the ensemble cast again in August, this time directed by Simon West.

[Collider via Omelete]