New female Man of Steel villain carries possible twist


Man of Steel‘s General Zod finally has his right hand. Antje Traue, who you may remember from Pandorum, has just been cast as Faora in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman origin story/unnecessary reboot. She will be playing Faora, General Zod’s original female assistant and precursor to the more recognizable Ursa, the female villain from Superman II. What is more interesting is that this Faora will be based off a re-introduced version of the character from a 2001 story from Action Comics, where she had “the ability to disrupt molecular bonds.”

This raises the question of whether or not Zod is being rebooted, in this film, into his state as the dictator of Polokistan, rather than the ruthless Kryptonian villain we saw in pictures during Superman II. The idea was that, to gain power, this guy performed a crazy blood ritual to allow himself to be inhabited by the Phantom Zone spirit of the imprisoned Zod Proper. Yes, that’s the stupidest thing you’ll read today. If Snyder is going with Dictator Zod, it at least shows a desire to really shake up the Superman mythos, rather than just carbon copying another origin story from the comics. My God, it’s the first piece of good news to come out of this project since…I’ll have to think about that.

What do you guys have to say? Are we really, possibly in for a much larger reboot than we imagined, or is it just going to be the same tried and true set of characters?

[Via Collider]