New Flintstones special being produced by… WWE


In a weird twist (or ankle lock or double-arm suplex), WWE will help produce a new straight-to-DVD Flintstones special that will feature voice cameos by WWE superstars John Cena and CM Punk, with WWE CEO Vince McMahon getting into the mix, as well.

Following a previous partnership between Warner Bros. and WWE that found the wrestling entertainment company co-producing a Wrestlemania-themed Scooby Doo special, the upcoming Flintstones special will feature the Flintstones characters going to a wrestling match involving John Cenastone, Vince McMagma, and CM Punkrock. How fitting.

It’s interesting to see WWE attempt to expand upon their brand to incorporate more family-friendly partnerships. This is coming from the company that helped make “Suck It!” one of my junior high’s favorite catchphrases. It’s also a classic return to old Hanna-Barbera specials featuring cameos from other pop culture icons including the Harlem Globetrotters and Batman.

[via /Film]