New Human Centipede 2 poster: exactly what it sounds like


Back in 1984, while on tour with Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx began a gross-out competition of sorts with the King of Darkness. So the story goes, Osbourne peed on the pavement outside a club and licked it up. Then Sixx did the same, but before he could lick up his own urine, Osbourne beat him to the punch. Then, Ozzy took someone’s straw and blew a line of ants. What did this prove? That Ozzy Osbourne was a bad enough dude to blow a line of ants. Not much else.

I feel the same way about The Human Centipede 2 [Full Sequence]. Tom Six (what a coincidence) has made it abundantly clear that the sequel to The Human Centipede will outdo the first considerably. It’s long been known that, if nothing else, we’ll be treated (using the term loosely) to a twelve-person human centipede. The film’s tagline is “100% medically inaccurate,” mirroring the original’s claim of 100% medical accuracy. It’s been banned in the UK. There’s talk of barbed wire going where barbed wire doesn’t belong. It sounds like a completely irredeemable train wreck that shouldn’t exist and suggests the writer-director has some serious issues. But you know what?

It’s got a hella cool poster. Check it out below, watch the trailer here, and let me know your thoughts on this…divisive franchise in the comments. Also, keep your eyes peeled real soon for a review and interview from our own Allistair Pinsof!

[Via JoBlo]

Human Centipede 2 poster